Here comes fall, there goes summer

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What New With You?

It has been a while,
some new things to know.....I bought a new car it's a Chrysler Le baron '94 It's white and kinda looks like a grandma car... I dk but I like her she has a lot of character and not to mention she is the most comfortable car that I have ever sat in!! She has blue cush leather seats good for naps on a long trip! I still have not thought up a name for her, but I'm sure that will come with time, but if anyone has any suggestions let me know!!!

School is going well my semester is almost over and a new semester will start!! This next semester I will be taking a class called social dance!! I'm so excited!! I can not wait. I will be taking Eng 2, Psychology, Another Alg class, Macro Economics, and umm oh that's it 5 classes :). So yes that's about it for school

Work...well its still work...I cant wait till summer so I can get a new job doing something that I really want to get into something with kids! So hopefully this summer I can get that respite job working with a disabled kid.

The kiddies, they are well and another one is on her way!! Baby Trinity is due sometime in late December AND I CAN NOT WAAITT! I just know she will be a doll! Keep her delivery in your prayers!

I went to EC this past last weekend and it was Alanas birthday and Steph's and they had such a good time and Friday night we went to New Moon just like last year! haha it was alot of fun in the end we had 40 people from the dorm going! ahha but it really wasn't as good of a movie I was expecting (and yes Amy if you reading this I am using your line! :)_)

Thanks giving is coming soon and it can not come soon enough! I have been putting on the pounds lately but whats a couple more...haha I love thanks giving dinner!! We will be spending it at my grandmas house so that should be fun!

Oh one more thing that I have really been enjoying lately is the Hallmark Channel!! haha I know lame but I really love it the movies and OH little house on the prairie! hahaha any hoo that's about it!