Here comes fall, there goes summer

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New look new year!

Quite the lookers!
Me and Megs and our new hairstyles..

Being crazy!

" How do I look!? :)"

"Can I pull this off!?"
Andswer: YES!
This week megan got to stay at my house for the last time before school...blah! So we went school supplies shopping and then we decided to do something extreme: Cut our hairs and get bangys! We have new motto be open betties! We say " come what may" "keep your options open" "be ready for anything" and finally "try new things!" so this is the begining of band new wonderful extreme life...or not..who knows... but it shall be fun seeing what happends next and seeing if we can keep up with our hair dos..

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  1. Wow! You two look so cute!! What great new looks for college. Did you cut them yourself or go to get it done? I can't believe that Megs is leaving soon. I can't take it that we are all so far apart now :( Well I guess that just means that we will have to plan fun times to get together. It has been so long since we've all three of us been together. I miss you two but I don't know if I can be seen with you guys now that you look so stinking good, I'll have to do some pretty drastic work to catch up. But my "healthy lifestyle" starts now so wish me luck!