Here comes fall, there goes summer

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Better Late Then Never!

Wow,it has been over a year since I last updated this thing! I started to feel bad about my blog as I was looking through everyone elses blogs. They all look so nice and put together...I just need to learn how to use this darn program, also I guess I just need to remember to update this more often, but usually I have nothing to update anyone about. Looking back at my past blogs I realize Im still the same and at the same place in my life that I was minus some things. For instance I haven't gotten together with my Eau Claire friends in a long time. It's kinda tough to get around when I have NO CAR! I hate not having a car, but I'm broke and I hate taking out loans! So for now it's busses and rides from friends and family. It may take a little bribing and flatter to get them to do it, but it works for now. But I do think I could have probably saved all the money I have and will be spending on taking my roomate to dinner to get her to give me a ride home, and have had enough to buy a new car by now! :) Such as life. K so I talk about wanting to do all these things in my past blogs, but if you know or have talked to me recently I have not done any of these things. Man some day I will hopefully grow a spine and do something! Right now as we know it I have one more fall semester to my program at MATC and One class that I will have to take in the spring either chem or annatomy phys...blaaaaa. Hey I got on the deans list hahhahhaa! I don't care I'm proud even tho it is a community college. Which brings me to my next thought I love the show community, I feel that I could be on that show, I'd fit right in!

this is funny and I know all the words!

I don't think I have ever realized how relaxing it is to write on here. Any hoo besides school I am still currently working at Coppertop, see nothing has changed, I guess Im afraid of change you could say. So my big sister Ames got married the other week It was a blast and Im so happy for her! There might be a few pictures to follow :) Any whoo thats all I have time for now, but don't fret I will be better and write again soon!

Ps try saying this 5 time fast ahhahaha its a hoot,
"Irish Wrist Watch" Me and my rooomies had fun with these today!
"Toy Boat"
something to keep you entertained.

Pss. I'm on the look out for a cute dress for my 21st birthday! :) if anyone has any ideas!

~Me Shmosie!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaks over!

School has begun again!
My new classes are...Macro economics and my teacher is so funny he is a short man who wears rainbow suspenders and has a big beard and wears no shoes durring class!
I am taking a social dance class which has very few guys haha I wonder teacher for that class is also funny she has got really curley 80's hair and makeup. Then im taking another algebra class with my same teacher as last sem because I enjoy the way she teaches. I have English 2 with my friend Jess! Oh and we have social dance together too!! Oh so my Eng teacher looks like a short little mouse!And we are reading the most boring books..right now we are reading king leopolds ghost I do not recomend it to anyone! ahahaha. Then I have Psychology and my teacher for that also has alot of character, I feel like she has done every job in the world! She was a model for big time companys, a make up artist, she did fashion and design, party planning buisness, then she went into psych and started buisnesses helpin disabled and then went back to school for more things..any hoo she has just done alot of jobs and she is tall and has firey orange hair and wears green eyeshadow and crazy clothing! and thats about it! So far so good one week down!

It has been to long

Baby Triney!
So about 2 1/2 weeks ago my new neice was born and she is cute as a button!
Her full name is Trinity Nichole Hope Thierer. She was 6 lbs 7 oz and she hasn't gotten much bigger!! I have taken care of her a few times now and she is just amazing. Her brothers and sister love her although Adrianna I think is a little jellous.

Monday, December 14, 2009



Haha I dont know why but, I like that title!
So I just finished up my art class for this semester. Here are a couple of my works from that class.

< this first one is not from my class I actually found it on line and decided it was too cool to pass up so I drew it and gave it to nick. It had a cute little saying on the bottom too.



< this is a guitar and a ducky thing haha.

I got a pretty good grade on them all. Im not sure that I like them all but oh well it was some what fun to draw them all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What New With You?

It has been a while,
some new things to know.....I bought a new car it's a Chrysler Le baron '94 It's white and kinda looks like a grandma car... I dk but I like her she has a lot of character and not to mention she is the most comfortable car that I have ever sat in!! She has blue cush leather seats good for naps on a long trip! I still have not thought up a name for her, but I'm sure that will come with time, but if anyone has any suggestions let me know!!!

School is going well my semester is almost over and a new semester will start!! This next semester I will be taking a class called social dance!! I'm so excited!! I can not wait. I will be taking Eng 2, Psychology, Another Alg class, Macro Economics, and umm oh that's it 5 classes :). So yes that's about it for school

Work...well its still work...I cant wait till summer so I can get a new job doing something that I really want to get into something with kids! So hopefully this summer I can get that respite job working with a disabled kid.

The kiddies, they are well and another one is on her way!! Baby Trinity is due sometime in late December AND I CAN NOT WAAITT! I just know she will be a doll! Keep her delivery in your prayers!

I went to EC this past last weekend and it was Alanas birthday and Steph's and they had such a good time and Friday night we went to New Moon just like last year! haha it was alot of fun in the end we had 40 people from the dorm going! ahha but it really wasn't as good of a movie I was expecting (and yes Amy if you reading this I am using your line! :)_)

Thanks giving is coming soon and it can not come soon enough! I have been putting on the pounds lately but whats a couple more...haha I love thanks giving dinner!! We will be spending it at my grandmas house so that should be fun!

Oh one more thing that I have really been enjoying lately is the Hallmark Channel!! haha I know lame but I really love it the movies and OH little house on the prairie! hahaha any hoo that's about it!


Monday, September 28, 2009

College Girls

We Are College Girls..

Our night out on the town...

It was my friend Jessicas brithday and we all went out to the Nitty Gritty for some dinner and dessert! She is now a wopping 19! lol I am so blessed to have these girls as my friends!! We also got to go with their roomate Naomi and her friend who are bunches of fun!

Oh and many of you know that I now have my eyebrow pierced and a new tattoo! lol yes I am addicted! But don't worry these will be the last of them for a couple years I hope....haha

This is the day that the three musketeers got their tattoos!! I dont have any pics of them up yet but some day I will.

So school so far is good. I am taking an art class which I thought would be fun but now Im not so sure because it is all still life! But my sociology class is now getting quite interesting.

This past weekend I was able to get off work and go see friends in Eau Claire and it was exactly what I needed a weekend away! How much I miss everyone and how great it feels to be there.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New look new year!

Quite the lookers!
Me and Megs and our new hairstyles..

Being crazy!

" How do I look!? :)"

"Can I pull this off!?"
Andswer: YES!
This week megan got to stay at my house for the last time before school...blah! So we went school supplies shopping and then we decided to do something extreme: Cut our hairs and get bangys! We have new motto be open betties! We say " come what may" "keep your options open" "be ready for anything" and finally "try new things!" so this is the begining of band new wonderful extreme life...or not..who knows... but it shall be fun seeing what happends next and seeing if we can keep up with our hair dos..