Here comes fall, there goes summer

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Breaks over!

School has begun again!
My new classes are...Macro economics and my teacher is so funny he is a short man who wears rainbow suspenders and has a big beard and wears no shoes durring class!
I am taking a social dance class which has very few guys haha I wonder teacher for that class is also funny she has got really curley 80's hair and makeup. Then im taking another algebra class with my same teacher as last sem because I enjoy the way she teaches. I have English 2 with my friend Jess! Oh and we have social dance together too!! Oh so my Eng teacher looks like a short little mouse!And we are reading the most boring books..right now we are reading king leopolds ghost I do not recomend it to anyone! ahahaha. Then I have Psychology and my teacher for that also has alot of character, I feel like she has done every job in the world! She was a model for big time companys, a make up artist, she did fashion and design, party planning buisness, then she went into psych and started buisnesses helpin disabled and then went back to school for more things..any hoo she has just done alot of jobs and she is tall and has firey orange hair and wears green eyeshadow and crazy clothing! and thats about it! So far so good one week down!

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