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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Better Late Then Never!

Wow,it has been over a year since I last updated this thing! I started to feel bad about my blog as I was looking through everyone elses blogs. They all look so nice and put together...I just need to learn how to use this darn program, also I guess I just need to remember to update this more often, but usually I have nothing to update anyone about. Looking back at my past blogs I realize Im still the same and at the same place in my life that I was minus some things. For instance I haven't gotten together with my Eau Claire friends in a long time. It's kinda tough to get around when I have NO CAR! I hate not having a car, but I'm broke and I hate taking out loans! So for now it's busses and rides from friends and family. It may take a little bribing and flatter to get them to do it, but it works for now. But I do think I could have probably saved all the money I have and will be spending on taking my roomate to dinner to get her to give me a ride home, and have had enough to buy a new car by now! :) Such as life. K so I talk about wanting to do all these things in my past blogs, but if you know or have talked to me recently I have not done any of these things. Man some day I will hopefully grow a spine and do something! Right now as we know it I have one more fall semester to my program at MATC and One class that I will have to take in the spring either chem or annatomy phys...blaaaaa. Hey I got on the deans list hahhahhaa! I don't care I'm proud even tho it is a community college. Which brings me to my next thought I love the show community, I feel that I could be on that show, I'd fit right in!

this is funny and I know all the words!

I don't think I have ever realized how relaxing it is to write on here. Any hoo besides school I am still currently working at Coppertop, see nothing has changed, I guess Im afraid of change you could say. So my big sister Ames got married the other week It was a blast and Im so happy for her! There might be a few pictures to follow :) Any whoo thats all I have time for now, but don't fret I will be better and write again soon!

Ps try saying this 5 time fast ahhahaha its a hoot,
"Irish Wrist Watch" Me and my rooomies had fun with these today!
"Toy Boat"
something to keep you entertained.

Pss. I'm on the look out for a cute dress for my 21st birthday! :) if anyone has any ideas!

~Me Shmosie!

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